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A Christening is a Special Occasion for both Baby and Families.

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This Amazing Day

A christening is a special occasion for babies and families, where both sides of the family can celebrate the baby’s first blessing.  I think it is so important to celebrate all the happy moments in life.  Parents christen a baby as the first step of that baby’s journey into their religious faith. You can also choose to have a naming ceremony, though this is a different type of ceremony.

A  Christening Occasion


Firstly after the baby is born, the godparents are chosen. Sometimes it’s a family member, like an aunt or uncle of the baby, or very close relation or friend.  The godparents help the parents raise their child in their chosen religion.  Also, they are there for birthdays, Christmas, and to support the child especially in the major milestones of their life.


When the baptism is discussed you really need to start talking to the priest so you can book the church. A baptism is usually after morning Mass. Expect there to be more than one christening on that day, especially if you are living in a city or town.  A county village may just have one christening.


One of the high lights is purchasing the christening gown.  I think this occasion should be all about the baby. After all, it is their first sacrament and their first big occasion.  Although they may not remember it, they will look back on the photos that hang on the wall in a beautiful frame, so it important to have a beautiful Christening gown.  If you have Irish heritage then choosing an Irish handmade christening gown as an heirloom you can pass through all your Irish generations.


You can make the event as big or small as you want, it’s totally up to you. You can choose to have it at home or at a hotel. The hotel is usually a sit down three-course meal or at home a buffet. It really is what you feel like yourself.

A Few Things you also need on the day.

A good photographer is great to have. Many people will get a friend that is good at taking photos. Remember though, you can’t rewind. If in doubt it might be worth ringing a few photographers and getting a quote unless you want to do it all again! So don’t have any regrets! If you are putting money into a beautiful christening gown, you need to take beautiful pictures.

Christening Candles

These candles represent the light and importance of Christianity.  This one Candle will also be used during the sacraments of communion and confirmation. So try not to lose it!

A Christening Shawl

A personalized shawl is beautiful. Especially when embroidered with the name and date of the christening.  It is also a beautiful gift to buy as a baptism gift.

Interested in one of our Gowns?

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