Helen Marie Handmade Irish Christening Gowns

Irish Flag
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Irish County Christening Gowns and Frames from Leitrim and Roscommon

The Irish County christening gowns and frames below are from Leitrim and Roscommon. These Irish county designs come from High crosses or Old celtic crosses throughout Ireland.  The designs can be very hard to make out as they are so old dated back as far as the 5th century and many high crosses were destroyed so it took a lot of research to get an authentic design with the history included. Most of the designs are from old Abbeys, Monasteries, or Castles.  Many of these High crosses or Old Celtic crosses are either founded by saints or old famous crosses in Ireland.

Irish county christening gown from LeitrimIrish County frame from Leitrim

This design from this  Irish County christening gowns and frames is from County Leitrim,  The trinity represents a unity of The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The trinity in a circle emphasises unity and eternity.  It is one of the classic symbols of Irish Celtic Culture. This Design is from a High cross in an old abbey in Leitrim dated back to the 5th Century.  Included with all my gowns and framed designs is the history of this beautiful town called Leitrim.  Leitrim, in the west of Ireland, has many trails along the Shannon blue way, beautiful waterfalls, and caves with stunning views of the Wild Atlantic Ocean.

Irish County Frame and Christening gown from Roscommon.

Irish County Christening gown from RoscommonThis design is from an old Celtic cross in a castle in Roscommon called Kilronan Castle. It is also known as Cill Ronain which means Ronans Abbey.  This Castle is one of the most luxurious castles in Ireland. I was intrigued by the history of the castle and the design on the old Celtic Cross.  Roscommon is a beautiful town in the West of Ireland. It is in the province known as Connaught. Roscommon is a county of castles, history,  beautiful forest parks, and breathtaking landscape.

Connect your family to your Irish roots and County.